Community Driving Policy

The whole point of having an elected School Board is to ensure that communities have a real say in what their schools offer, where they're located, how they're run, priorities for spending, the rules of the road, outcomes, and ensuring broader community needs are taken into account.

Rob has worked to empower all community voices and enable community say at the OCDSB for years. First with his work at the Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC), including his work as OCASC rep advising on redrafting the Board's consultation policy, and as OCASC Chair. And then as a two-time ODCSB Trustee, variously as chair of most committees, Chair of the Board, rep to the Ontario Public School Board's Association (OPSBA), rep to Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA), as Trustee rep to OCDSB community advisory committees, and out in communities advising School Councils and others.

Policies, spending, and accommodation decisions simply can't be made credibly without genuine community engagement and input. Consultation within an overly narrow frame, essentially to check off a consultation box, is a waste of everyone's time.  Instead consultation needs to be conscientious, open to new ideas and frame bending, and willing to invest the time required to engage with communities.

Zone 5 College has been through the mill recently as a result of a number of school accommodation decisions. It's unlikely to be the subject of accommodation changes now for some time to come (unless communities request this).  So, its time to heal perhaps, and time to make the public schools that College Ward families send their kids to shine, whether physically in Zone 5 or just outside of it. And, its time to get it right and ensure that every kid has a fair shot at a good outcome, with required supports, and appropriate programming.

Let's do it together.


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